The Back App Chairs
This unique chair will help strengthen the core muscles that support your spine leading to a stronger, healthier back. This is achieved by constantly stimulating the muscles that you use to balance as the chair gently moves on its central axis.

In addition, the sitting position on Back App ensures a natural posture and reduces main muscle fatigue dramatically. This will keep you comfortable allowing you to work productively at your desk. If you suffer from back pain, are concerned that you spend too much time in front of a computer or at a desk then Back App will help you.

  • The new frame is made from 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminium and is available in a Silver Grey, Black Grey and Polished finish.
  • The ball is moulded onto a tube that can be screwed into and out of the aluminium frame to control the tilt of the chair.
    A tilt indicator with green and red colour is integrated with this tube.
  • A stop function prevents the ball from being removed.
  • Damping material is attached with double sided tape that improves adhesion with use.
  • To simplify chair choice Back App 2.0 only comes with one lift height.
    See the dimensions on the drawing.
  • The seat is slightly smaller and neater than before and has a rounder shape with a central slot to reduce pressure in the prostate area.

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