Why leasing?

  • Tax incentive: Leasing is the only financing option where payments are 100% tax allowable
  • Maximise cash flow
  • Fixed payments for budgeting
  • Spread the cost

Tax incentives:

If you were to purchase your office furniture only 65% of the capital cost is tax allowable. Alternatively, when you lease your office furniture 100% of the cost is tax allowable. This is the only type of borrowing that allows this tax incentive and is the most tax efficient way to acquire your new furniture.

Maximise cash flow:

By spreading the cost of your office furniture, you can better manage your cash flow. With no large up front costs you can get all your equipment without affecting your companies cash reserves.

Simple budgeting:

The fixed monthly costs allow you to effectively budget for the term of our agreement.

Retain credit lines:

Keep existing banking arrangements, credit lines and cash free for uses that are more appropriate. Keep your working capital for a healthy business.

Flexibility to keep up to date:

You can upgrade or add on equipment to your lease whenever you want. Expanding work force? You can quickly get them settled in.