Contour_RollerMouse_Pro2_black2 Contour_RollerMouse_Pro2 contour Rollermouse ergo_keyboard_matt

It sits below your keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for your conventional mouse.

The smooth-sliding steel roller bar on this revolutionary mouse is rubber coated for excellent cursor control. It offers a single- finger click function, long-lasting optical sensor, three user- definable buttons and a scroll wheel.  PC and Mac compatible.

RollerMouse Pro2 can work in two modes. When working in Pro Mouse mode, which is the default setting, you can choose between 750 or 1250 dpi as the cursor speed. Standard Mouse mode is recommended for more experienced users and has the cursor speed set to 1250 dpi.

There are two accessories available for RollerMouse Pro2. RollerWave2 allows a longer and smoother transition from your desk to your mouse and keyboard. The Ergo Keyboard Mat is designed to support ergonomic keyboards in need of a flat surface when working with the RollerMouse Pro2.