Adaptchair modifications

Arm Rests
Arm rests are very useful on a chair to provide support under your elbows and to help alleviate stress across your neck and shoulders.
We are able to offer a variety of arm rests which each have their own useful functions.

Neck and Head Supports
Whether to provide active support whilst working or just to be there when taking a break, the range of head and neck supports are just the job.

Air Cell Technology
We can modify and alter the shape of your office chair to fit you perfectly, using a range of inflatable air cells.
Here you’ll find some images of the cells currently available along with dimensions and applications for use.

Foot and Leg Supports
Whether you would like somewhere to rest your feet whilst sitting or whether you require complete leg support, we can offer you a range of products to meet your needs.

Foam Sculpting
We are able to shape and sculpt the foam in the seat and back rest of your chair, in order to make it fit you better.

Memory Foam Build up
Each chair can be customised with a build-up or reduction of memory foam in the seat and back cushions to suit the user precisely.
This is very useful in getting users with scoliosis comfortable in the right chair.

Movement Lock
To assist with getting in and out of the chair a movement lock can be added to the base of the chair. The movement lock works by anchoring the chair to the floor with electrical height adjustable feet that raise the wheels of the chair off the floor. The user can then get in and out of the chair, putting pressure on the chair without it moving.